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Thermography of Houston specializes in breast and full body imaging, providing a unique, functional view of your body's current physiological state for those with an interest in proactive approaches to help.
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Thermography Overview


We know that most diseases do not appear overnight. In most cases, disease silently develops for years before its damaging effects can be detected or felt in daily life. Our bodies are amazing in that they are constantly fighting disease and processing toxins, all while we go about our routines, typically unaware of potential issues.


Extensive research has clearly proven that a common link and precursor to almost all diseases, including cancers, is inflammation. Inflammation is invisible to the human eye, as well as conventional tests like MRI, X-ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound, for example.


Thermography is a safe, non-invasive medical imaging technology that is completely unique in its ability to see the function, or physiology, of the body. It views this physiology by measuring the infrared thermal patterns, or heat, being emitted from the body. And what does inflammation, that common-denominator in many diseases, generate? Heat.

So why not take a look?

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Videos on Thermography

Dr. Carla Garcia, DOM thoroughly discusses thermography, case studies, and pain diagnostics.

Thermal Imaging is introduced by Dr. Thomas Hudson, Radiologist and author of Your Journey To Hope.


“I drove from Lufkin to have a thermogram at one of the mobile sites. It was quick and noninvasive. Rebekah was very courteous and friendly... she puts you at ease so that you feel like a person and not just a customer. I highly recommend Thermography of Houston!”


Stacey - Pearland

"Very friendly and thorough. Took the time to answer any and all questions in person and on the phone. I would highly recommend them. I will definitely be going back for future exams."


Kimberly - Orange

“I am so thankful for Thermography of Houston. The experience I had there was great. Quick, thoughtful and non-invasive. Rebekah is knowledgeable and thorough and makes you at ease.”


Betty - Houston




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